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The purpose of this Statement is to provide the Client with appropriate instructions on the nature and risks of a particular type of financial instrument, which are offered at https://etokenstrade.com, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”.

The client acknowledges, understands and agrees with the risks described below.

1. Trading is very speculative and risky. Trading on binary options, CFD and FX Contracts is highly speculative and is suitable only for those Clients who:

а) understand and are ready to take on economic, legal and other risks;

b) financially capable of taking the risk of loss;

c) understand and are well versed in binary options trading and core assets.

Binary options are suitable investments for pension funds. The client represents, guarantees and agrees that he understands these risks, is willing and able financially and in other aspects to assume the risk of trading in binary options, and the loss of the entire balance on the client’s account will not change his / her lifestyle.

2. Conflicts of interest. The Company is a counterparty for all transactions concluded in accordance with the Client Agreement, and thus the interests of the Company may be contrary to the interests of the Client.

3. Prices are set by the Company and may differ from prices quoted in other sources. The prices provided by the Company will be used in the trading and evaluation of the Client’s positions in accordance with the Trade Policy and procedures. Trading rates assigned to assets on the Company's website are those rates at which the Company is ready to sell binary options to its Clients at the point of sale. Thus, they cannot directly correspond to real-time market levels at the time of the sale of options.

4. Rights to underlying assets. The client has no rights or obligations with respect to the underlying instruments or assets related to the binary options of the client.

5. The right to cancel the order. The Client will be able to cancel the trade for at least 2 seconds after pressing the CALL or PUT button (canceling the transaction will not affect the Client’s trade balance, the funds will be returned to the trading account).

6. Telephone orders and immediate execution. Market orders made over the phone through the Company's Dealing Division are completed when the operator of the Company says “deal” or “made” after the Client places an order. With such confirmation of the operator, the Client bought or sold, and in such cases can not cancel the order. By placing orders through the Dealing Branch of the Company, the Client agrees to such an immediate execution and assumes the risk of the function of immediate execution of the order.

7. The company is not a consultant or a client trustee. In cases where the Company provides general trading recommendations, they are not personal or investment advice and do not take into account the personal circumstances of the Client, investment objectives, offer to trade or offer to trade in any binary options. Each decision taken by the Client to sell binary options with the Company, and each decision as to whether the transaction is appropriate or appropriate for the Client, is an independent decision made by the Client. The company does not act as an adviser or as a trustee of the Client. The Client agrees that the Company has no fiduciary duty to the Client and the company does not bear any responsibility in connection with obligations, claims, damages, expenses, including attorneys' fees incurred in connection with the Client’s adherence to general trade recommendations or acceptance of any actions based on any general recommendation or information provided by the Company.

8. Recommendations are not guaranteed. The general market recommendations provided by the Company are based solely on the judgment of the company's personnel and should be considered only as such. The client acknowledges that he enters into any transactions, relying on his own decision. Any market recommendations are provided for general purposes only and may or may not correspond to the market positions or intentions of the Company and / or its affiliates. The general market recommendations of the Company are based on information that is deemed reliable, but the Company cannot and does not guarantee its accuracy and completeness, or it represents that, in accordance with such universal recommendations, the risk inherent in trading binary options will be reduced or eliminated.

9. No guarantees of profit. There are no guarantees of profit or avoidance of losses when trading binary options. The client has not received such guarantees from the Company or from its representatives. The client is aware of the risks inherent in trading binary options and is financially able to bear such risks and suffer any losses incurred.

10. Online trading. When a Client sells online (via the Internet), the Company is not responsible for any claims, losses or expenses caused directly or indirectly, any malfunction or failure of any transmission system, computer connection or trading software, whether owned by the Company or the Client. settlement or clearing systems.

11. Telephone orders. The company is not responsible for the violation, breakdown or malfunction of the telephone and does not guarantee its availability. For the avoidance of doubt, the Client knows that the Company may be unavailable by telephone at any time and the Client may place their orders through online access to the Trading Platform.

12. System errors upon expiration. If the system expires for any reason, it will automatically determine the parameters of unexpired options and expire them in accordance with the rates historically preserved in the archive. If a situation does not expire on time, the system will issue a notification to the risk manager and the official, detailing all the location information to resolve the problem manually.